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Khalifa Mints is the result of some breeding between Khalifa Kush and The Menthol. The exact lineage and origins of Khalifa Kush are not certain, but everything points to some OG Kush presence. The Menthol on the other hand is the result of some Gelato with White Diesel.

In combination with its above average 26-29% level, Khalifa Mints is not only known for its potency, but for its general hardiness which makes it an ideal choice for beginner growers. Khalifa Mints produces 1-2lbs on average depending on planter size, again making it a great choice for all growers!

The ease with which distinct Terpenes smell distinguishes a high-quality strain from anything common. Terpenes are essential for enjoying what we’re smoking because they give each plant its distinct aroma. Limonene and Pinene are the two significant terpenes that give Khalifa Mints its distinct aroma. These two well-known terpenes provide a fresh and lemony, somewhat acidic composition. The aroma is very similar, with an earthy diesel overtone accented by woody pine and flowery sharp mint. Khalifa Mints buds have oversized dense conical minty green flowers with dark purple undertones, thin long orange hairs and a coating of purple-tinted white crystal trichomes.



Khalifa Kush X The Menthol

Flowering Time

Indoor: 7-8wks

Outdoor: Late-September

Indica Dominant

80% Indica x 20% Sativa



These high-quality clones are specifically bred for research purposes. They are carefully selected for their genetic traits and are ideal for plant enthusiasts and researchers looking to study and experiment with cannabis genetics.

Khalifa Mints (KK x Menthol)

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